Fast Review Track


If your ICCV 2021 submission has not been accepted but you can address the concerns of the ICCV reviewers by a minor revision of the paper, you can submit a revised version of the paper to the Fast Review Track. The review process takes only 3 weeks and is similar to the reviewing process of a journal for a minor revision. For preparing a submission, please use the author kit which already defines "\def\GCPRTrack{Fast Review Track}". As for regular papers, the paper length is limited to 12 pages excluding references. It is not allowed to modify the margins, font size, or page layout of the template. Submissions that use the ICCV template will be rejected. Besides any optional supplementary material for the revised paper, the following documents need to be provided as part of the supplementary material:

  • the original unmodified ICCV 2021 submission with ICCV paper ID as PDF
  • the original unmodified ICCV 2021 reviews as PDF (see instructions below)
  • the original unmodified ICCV 2021 meta-review as PDF (see instructions below)
  • a summary of changes as PDF that describes the changes of the original ICCV submission and how the comments of the reviewers have been addressed in the revised paper.

In order to get the ICCV reviews and meta-review, print them to PDF using CMT. For the reviews, click on "View Reviews". You will see the title of the ICCV submission, the paper ID of the ICCV submission, and all reviews. At the top right, you have to click on "Print", select Print to PDF as printer (name depends on the installed PDF printer), and print the reviews to the file reviews.pdf. For the meta-review, click on "View Meta-Reviews" and print it in the same way to the file meta-review.pdf. The summary of changes needs to describe how and where in the revised paper or supplementary material the points of the reviewers have been addressed. Please structure the response by reviewer and go through each point of the reviews. Please ensure that the submission including any supplementary material does not contain any information that may identify the authors. See policies. There are no specific formatting requirements for the summary of changes, but you can use the Latex template.

By submitting a paper to the Fast Review Track, the authors agree that the submission can be shared with the organizers of ICCV 2021 in order to verify the original ICCV submission and reviews.

Dates for Fast Review Track (deadlines will not be extended):

  • Fast Review Track Opens: 22.7.

  • Paper Submission Deadline: 4.8.

  • Supplementary Material Deadline: 4.8.

  • Decisions to Authors: 26.8.