Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision Nectar Track


Nectar Track Session 1

14:15-15:00 Learning Decision Trees Recurrently Through Communication

Stephan Alaniz, Diego Marcos, Bernt Schiele, Zeynep Akata

HOPS: Probabilistic Subtree Mining for Small and Large Graphs

Pascal Welke, Florian Seiffarth, Michael Kamp, Stefan Wrobel

Graph Moving Object Segmentation

Jhony H. Giraldo, Sajid Javed, Thierry Bouwmans

Learning Graph Embeddings for Compositional Zero-shot Learning

Muhammad Ferjad Naeem, Yongqin Xian, Federico Tombari, Zeynep Akata

Lifted Disjoint Paths with Application in Multiple Object Tracking

Andrea Hornakova, Roberto Henschel, Bodo Rosenhahn, Paul Swoboda

Spatial-Temporal Transformer for Dynamic Scene Graph Generation

Yuren Cong, Wentong Liao, Hanno Ackermann, Bodo Rosenhahn, Michael Ying Yang

Nectar Track Session 2


LoopReg: Self-supervised Learning of Implicit Surface Correspondences, Pose and Shape for 3D Human Mesh Registration

Bharat Lal Bhatnagar, Cristian Sminchisescu, Christian Theobalt, Gerard Pons-Moll

Self-Supervised 3D Human Pose Estimation with Multiple-View Geometry

Arij Bouazizi, Julian Wiederer, Ulrich Kressel, Vasileios Belagiannis

Probabilistic Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation with Normalizing Flows

Tom Wehrbein, Marco Rudolph, Bodo Rosenhahn, Bastian Wandt

Real-Time Multi-View 3D Human Pose Estimation using Semantic Feedback to Smart Edge Sensors

Simon Bultmann, Sven Behnke

Human POSEitioning System: Human Pose Estimation and Self-Localization in Large Scenes from Body Mounted Sensors

Vladimir Guzov, Aymen Mir, Torsten Sattler, Gerard Pons-Moll

3D CNNs with Adaptive Temporal Feature Resolutions

Mohsen Fayyaz, Emad Bahrami, Ali Diba, Mehdi Noroozi, Ehsan Adeli, Luc Van Gool, Juergen Gall

Nectar Track Session 3


Cuboids Revisited: Learning Robust 3D Shape Fitting to Single RGB Images

Florian Kluger, Hanno Ackermann, Eric Brachmann, Michael Ying Yang, Bodo Rosenhahn

CanonPose: Self-Supervised Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation in the Wild

Bastian Wandt, Marco Rudolph, Petrissa Zell, Helge Rhodin, Bodo Rosenhahn

Combining Implicit Function Learning and Parametric Models for 3D Human Reconstruction

Bharat Lal Bhatnagar, Cristian Sminchisescu, Christian Theobalt, Gerard Pons-Moll

Distilling Audio-Visual Knowledge by Compositional Contrastive Learning

Uddeshya Upadhyay, Yanbei Chen, Tobias Hepp, Sergios Gatidis, Zeynep Akata

CoMIR: Contrastive Multimodal Image Representation for Registration

Nicolas Pielawski, Elisabeth Wetzer, Johan Öfverstedt, Jiahao Lu, Carolina Wählby, Joakim Lindblad, Nataša Sladoje

NeMo: Neural Mesh Models of Contrastive Features for Robust 3D Pose Estimation

Angtian Wang, Adam Kortylewski, Alan Yuille

Nectar Track Session 4


Long Short View Feature Decomposition via Contrastive Video Representation Learning

Nadine Behrmann, Mohsen Fayyaz, Juergen Gall, Mehdi Noroozi

Square Root Bundle Adjustment for Large-Scale Reconstruction

Nikolaus Demmel, Christiane Sommer, Daniel Cremers, Vladyslav Usenko

DeepFH Segmentations for Superpixel-based Object Proposal Refinement

Christian Wilms, Simone Frintrop

Making Higher Order MOT Scalable: An Efficient Approximate Solver for Lifted Disjoint Paths

Andrea Hornakova, Timo Kaiser, Paul Swoboda, Michal Rolinek, Bodo Rosenhahn, Roberto Henschel

Open World Compositional Zero-Shot Learning

Massimiliano Mancini, Muhammad Ferjad Naeem, Yongqin Xian, Zeynep Akata

Reliable Fidelity and Diversity Metrics for Generative Models

Muhammad Ferjad Naeem, Seong Joon Oh, Youngjung Uh, Yunjey Choi, Jaejun Yoo

Nectar Track Session 5


Unsupervised Estimation of Face Image Quality Based on Stochastic Embedding Robustness

Philipp Terhörst, Jan Niklas Kolf, Naser Damer, Florian Kirchbuchner, Arjan Kuijper

Uncertainty-Guided Progressive GANs for Medical Image Translation

Uddeshya Upadhyay, Yanbei Chen, Tobias Hepp, Sergios Gatidis, Zeynep Akata

Certification of Model Robustness in Active Class Selection

Mirko Bunse, Katharina Morik

Certifiably Adversarially Robust Detection of Out-of-Distribution Data

Julian Bitterwolf, Alexander Meinke, Matthias Hein