The workshops will take place on Tuesday, September, 3rd, 9:00-17:30. For the program of each workshop please visit the corresponding workshop page below.

Unsolved Problems in Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision


Building E1.4, Ground Floor, Seminar Room 024


  • Bernt Schiele, MPI for Informatics, Saarbrücken


Imaging New Modalities


Building E1.3, Ground Floor, Lecture Hall 003


  • Reinhard Koch, University of Kiel
  • Andreas Kolb, University of Siegen
  • Eli Angelopoulou, University of Erlangen
  • Ivo Ihrke, Saarland University

New Challenges in Neural Computation and Machine Learning


Building E1.3, Ground Floor, Seminar Room 016


  • Barbara Hammer, University of Bielefeld
  • Thomas Martinetz, University of Lübeck
  • Thomas Villmann, University of Applied Sciences Mittweida