R3 (Recent Related Research) Session

To broaden the role of GCPR 2013 as a forum for discussing important research results, we offer an additional poster session for participants who do not present an accepted paper at GCPR 2013. These people can display a poster that describes one of their best conference or journal publications within the last two years that they would like to discuss with the GCPR 2013 participants.

The poster registration must clearly indicate which corresponding original publication is presented. While these posters do not enter the GCPR 2013 Proceedings, the goal of the Recent Related Research (R3) Session is to provide a compact overview of important scientific advances that the GCPR community has published elsewhere. Registration deadline is August 11, 2013.

If you want to present a poster in the R3 Session, then please send an email to cbalzert@mpi-inf.mpg.de with subject 'GCPR RCube' and the following content:

  • Title of contribution
  • Authors and indicate the author who presents the paper in the R3-Session
  • Journal/Conference
  • Volume/Year/Page No.

The organisers reserve the right to refuse a contribution. Notification if your poster is accepted will be given in one to three working days.

The current preliminary program can be found here