Local Information

The conference will take place in the "Neue Universität" building on Universitätsplatz in the heart of the old town and city center of Heidelberg.

For a bird's view of the conference site, click here. The conference site "Neue Universität" is the building at the center of the image, with "Universitätsplatz" written on its roof.

Recommended access to Heidelberg is via public transport, in particular the Deutsche Bahn. From the train station, simply take bus no. 32 in the direction of "Universitätsplatz", and ask the driver for a "city ticket" at the cost of 1 Euro. The time table can be found here, and perfectionists can look at its route from the train station here. Timetables for all of the local public transport can be found here.

If you do wish to come to Heidelberg by car: the closest parking deck is "P11 Universitätsbibliothek". Click here for routing, and here if you wish to indulge in a novel detailing the horrors of parking in Heidelberg.

If you come by plane, you can cover the last miles according to the instructions offered here.

Heidelberg is a picturesque city with a rich academic tradition, located in south-western Germany.

Hotel rooms can be booked at reduced rates via the registration web page.