Hannover for gourmets

Lovers of fine food will find a spectacular variety in Hannover. Whether you prefer haute cuisine, international specialities, unusual themed restaurants or traditional regional delicacies, there is something to suit every taste.

From good plain fare to multiculti

The capital of Lower Saxony is home to foods and flavours from all over the globe and offers a huge selection of specialities from the Mediterranean, Asia and Latin America. Good plain German fare is served not only in many local pubs, but also in top class restaurants. Foodies can look forward to creative crossover cuisine with highly imaginative culinary combinations.

Nearly every district has its own Italian or Greek. Turkish cuisine is also a firm feature, ranging from simple kebab shops to sophisticated eateries. The choice of Far Eastern venues covers everything from fast food to first class. The magazine “Hannover geht aus!” provides comprehensive information (in German) about the culinary scene in and around Hannover.

Queen of the vegetables and high-spirited dexterity

The traditional regional cuisine tends to be solid and substantial – as you would expect of the locals who, according to the regional anthem of Lower Saxony, “have their feet firmly on the ground and can weather any storm”. Most dishes are typically served with potatoes, sometimes in new-fangled variations, but first and foremost as good old boiled potatoes. In spring, asparagus is very popular: this finest of all veg tastes equally good with melted butter or hollandaise sauce and is normally accompanied with cured ham, a pork or veal escalope or salmon. When autumn comes around, it is the start of the curly kale season, which is traditionally enjoyed with a regional spicy sausage speciality.

Regional delicacies also include a platter of cold cuts and “wedding day soup”, a popular starter which contains tiny meat dumplings and egg garnish. Yeast cake topped with butter and almonds is traditionally served with afternoon coffee, while “Welfenspeise” a typical local desert consisting of blancmange and zabaglione, takes its royal name in reminiscence of Hannover’s role as the capital of the Kingdom of Guelph in the 19th century.

“Lüttje Lage”, a drink that is exclusive to Hannover, originates from the annual Marksmen’s Fair. The ritual has a strong alcoholic focus and requires two special glasses: one filled with Lüttje Lage beer, the other with clear schnapps. The trick is to hold the beer glass between thumb and index finger of one hand, and the schnapps glass between the middle and ring fingers of the same hand and then raise both glasses to your lips so that the schnapps and beer can be drunk in one go. The Lüttje Lage tradition dates back to the days of beer brewer Cord Broyhan in the 16th century. The Broyhan Haus – where the brewery pioneer lived – is now a gastropub in the city’s second-oldest half-timbered building.

Visitors who are interested in the history and technical aspects of brewing are advised to book a tour of Herrenhäuser brewery. In addition to the major traditional breweries Gilde and Herrenhäuser, Hannover also has a large number of microbreweries which serve their customers first-class home brew, such as Brauhaus Ernst August on the edge of the Old Town.

Excellent and unexpected

Hannover’s only Michelin star restaurant is situated in the only street in the region which is under a preservation order: Ole Deele in Heinrich-Wöhler-Strasse in Grossburgwedel, which has defended its star for four years. Other top class restaurants in and around Hannover which have earned a mention in the major restaurant guides include Titus, Die Insel, Le Monde and Tropeano Di Vino in Hannover, Gasthaus Lege in Burgwedel, Berggasthaus Niedersachsen in Gehrden and Gasthaus Müller in Barsinghausen.

However, discerning gourmets also appreciate creative culinary experiences outside the ranks of haute cuisine – especially when served in an original setting. For instance, who would expect to find top-of-the-range and outstandingly fresh cuisine at Theater am Küchengarten (tak), which is actually a cult cabaret venue? Or that “eat the world” offers culinary guided trips around the city? Hannover is also home to the World Of Kitchen (WOK), the only museum in Europe that is dedicated to this subject. Not to forget summer events such as Maschsee Lake Festival, outdoor venues including a large number of beautiful beer-gardens and rooftop terraces such as Schöne Aussichten 360°, Roof Garden or 6 Sinne Skybar Restaurant. Another tip for culinary aficionados is the solar-powered catamaran which cruises back and forth on Maschsee Lake from April to November and serves a fantastic Sunday brunch.


Restaurants Opening Hours Distance to conf. Hotel kitchen


Georgstraße 35           30159 Hannover

Mon-Thu 08:00-22:00
Fri-Sat    08:00-23:00      Sunday   09:00-22:00
15 min walk


Lavesstraße 1-2         30159 Hannover

Tue-Sat 11:00-24:00   Sunday 12:00-21:30 1,300m
16 min walk

   italien  (huge pizza)


Friedrichswall 10         30159 Hannover

Mon-Sun 11:00-15:00     and         18:00-22:30 600m
8 min walk
japanese (delicious Sushi)

Al Dar

Königstraße 3             30175 Hannover

Mon-Sun  12:00-15:00  and          18:00-23:00 1,500m
18 min walk


Königsworther Straße 2
30167 Hannover

Mon-Fri   11:00-23:00   Saturday 09:00-00:00 Sunday   09:00-23:00   

6 min by car

Rias Baixas II

Plaza de Rosalia 2       30449 Hannover

Mon-Thu  09:30-24:00  Sunday    10:00-23:00 2,900m
8 min by car
spanish (delicious Tappas)

Brauhaus Ernst August

Schmiedestraße 13
30159 Hannover

Mon-Thu  08:00-03:00   Fri & Sat  08:00-05:00   Sunday    09:00-03:00  1,500m
5 min by car


Knochenhauerstraße 36
30159 Hannover

Mon-Thu  17:00-24:00 Friday      17:00-02:00  Saturday  12:00-02:00 Sunday    17:00-24:00

5 min by car  

Cafe & Bar Celona

Knochenhauerstraße 42
30153 Hannover

Mon-Thu  09:00-01:00   Fri & Sat  02:00-02:00 Sunday    09:00-01:00 1,400m
5 min by car
spanish, international


From famous pedestrian precinct to extraordinary shopping centre to idyllic towns and villages – Hannover is a real shopping paradise.

Whether a lengthy shopping spree or a quick errand – the vast selection of shops, all within easy reach thanks to convenient transport services, make Hannover a great place to shop and one that attracts people from far beyond the region.

Shopping Districts

Hannover Market Hall

The Market Hall is at the heart of the city and just the place to buy fruit, vegetables, bread, meat, fish, wine and much more.

The Markthalle, or covered market, is at the heart of the city, and is just the place to buy fruit, vegetables, bread, cake, fish, shellfish, sausage, meat, wine, pasta and much more besides to take home and enjoy.

Particularly at lunch times, it’s a pleasure to stop and take a break in the Market Hall, as numerous stalls offer hot and cold food to eat on the spot. Italian, Spanish and other international specialities can be enjoyed here. People like to meet for a glass of sparkling wine or a cappuccino and a chat.


Georgstrasse, between Aegidientorplatz and the Opera House, is Hannover’s elegant boulevard.

Georgstrasse is Hannover’s premier boulevard, the place where people like to stroll and to see and be seen. In the elegant atmosphere of the section between Aegi (Aegidientorplatz) and the Opera House you can find jewellers', smart clothes shops and other quality retail outlets.

The pedestrianised section of Georgstrasse between Kröpcke and Steintor is where it's all happening: large department stores and trendy boutiques are magnets for large numbers of customers. In business circles Georgstrasse is considered one of Germany’s most important shopping streets. Customers come to Hannover from far beyond the boundaries of the region, because they know that a shopping trip to Hannover is always well worth while.

Kröpcke and Pedestrian Zone

From the Central Station to Kröpcke via Grosse Packhofstrasse to the Platz der Weltausstellung – Hannover’s pedestrian zone is vast.

The pedestrian zone in Hannover city centre is very large. Bahnhofstrasse, running from the main railway station to the central point called Kröpcke, is home to department stores, major clothing shops, telecommunications providers and Hannover's largest bookstore. From the popular traditional meeting place at Kröpcke you can choose between several directions: you will find interesting shops in all of them.

Grosse Packhofstrasse, for example, might be called a shoe-lover’s paradise – but in addition to all the many shoe-shops, the street also boasts high-quality menswear, a sports and technical department store and other shops. Some large, traditional Hannover shops are located at Platz der Weltausstellung. For decades, this has been the place for superior women’s clothing, lingerie, perfumes and cosmetics. And the smaller side streets around the pedestrian zone also have shops and stores that are equally well worth popping into.


Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-Promenade runs from Raschplatz / the Central station to Kröpcke – but one level lower down. And that is what makes this shopping arcade so charming: over the last few years the arcade, previously called the Passerelle, has been redeveloped and turned into a little gem.

The modern design of the shop-fronts makes shopping more fun. The range on offer in Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-Promenade is attractive and modern – it’s always worth taking a stroll through this subterranean shopping arcade.

Hannover's historic Old Town

"Small is Beautiful" is the motto in Hannover’s historic Old Town.

Shopping in the area around the Market Church is a particular pleasure. The historic centre (Altstadt) of Hannover with its picturesque half-timbered houses has a very special atmosphere that quickly captivates tourists. Bistros and pubs, elegant boutiques, art galleries, antique dealers and little specialist shops give the idyllic streets of timber-framed buildings their own unmistakable charm.

Hannover's historic Old Town or Altstadt is small but has a lot to offer. Visitors will find a variety of specialist shops in the half-timbered buildings. Whether you are looking for shoes, elegant or trendy clothes, jewellery, literature or services – a walk through the oldest quarter of the city is always worth while. And there is also an amazing diversity of pubs, bars, cafés and restaurants to tempt you.

Shopping in the Hannover Region

All points of the compass: Discover the attractive and unexpected shopping amenities in the Region of Hannover.

Hannover Region often surprises its visitors with the unexpected quality of shopping experiences outside the city. Come and discover charming Wedemark to the north, with its historic town centres, or stroll through the shopping centres in Lehrte, to the east of Hannover. To the south, Springe, on the edge of the Deister ridge, is an attractive location, and the town of Wunstorf to the west is also well worth a visit, particularly in view of its proximity to Lake Steinhude.

For further information about shopping locations click here