Author Information

Preparing your manuscript

The proceedings will be published in a volume with accompanying CD of the Springer series on Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). All submissions will be rated by three reviewers in a double blind review process. Each manuscript must be formatted according to the LNCS guidelines, and it must not exceed a length of ten pages. Your manuscript must be written in English and should be compiled using "pdflatex".

Please note that all figures will be printed in black and white. If you provide color figures, you should make sure that they are also legible in black and white. The colored figures appear as colored figures in the online version.

Please start from the supplied latex class and example file. Make sure to omit author names and affiliations in the latex document; you will have a chance to specify these in the electronic conference management system.

Latex novices might find the following hints useful in preparing their manuscript:

  • TeXnicCenter can help in preparing your document. Make sure to select the output profile "Latex=>PDF" to use pdflatex. You can also use the option "Project -> create with active file as main file" to create a TeXnicCenter project.
  • pdflatex can include graphics in the following formats: pdf, png, gif and jpg. If you have eps graphics, you can convert them using tools such as eps2pdf, which in turn uses ghostscript.

For latex black belts: please use straight pdflatex and refrain from defining macros, new commands, the use of exotic packages, etc. because these may make the contributions from different authors incompatible and will make it difficult or impossible to compile the entire proceedings volume. The organizers reserve the right to reject manuscripts that do not adhere to the guidelines.

Please note that different rules apply for non-regular submissions for the Young Researcher's Forum. A slightly different template is also provided on this page.

Submitting your manuscript

Your manuscript has to be submitted to the electronic conference management system .

For a submission to the review process, a pdf document of your manuscript is needed (anonymous, LNCS format). After the review process, we will also need LaTeX source files and graphics of all accepted and revised papers.