A number of awards are given each year during the DAGM symposium to honour outstanding scientific work of the DAGM community. Besides the DAGM best paper awards for best contributions to the Symposium, the SMI Young Talents Awards for best Master and Diploma Thesis of the previous year and the Olympus Price for outstanding Research are granted.

We would like to congratulate the 2008 award winners:

DAGM Olympus Prize 2008:
  • Bastian Leibe, ETH Zürich
    Closely Coupled Object Categorization, Segmentation, and Tracking
DAGM Main Prize 2008:
  • Christoph Lampert, Matthew B. Blaschko
    A Multiple Kernel Learning Approach to Joint Multi-Class Object Detection
DAGM Prizes 2008:
  • Björn Andres, Ullrich Koethe, Moritz Helmstaedter, Winfried Denk, Fred Hamprecht
    Segmentation of SBFSEM Volume Data of Neural Tissue by Hierarchical Classification
  • Kersten Petersen, Janis Fehr, Hans Burkhardt
    Fast Generalized Belief Propagation for MAP Estimation on 2D and 3D Grid-like Markov Random Fields
DAGM Prize 2008 (best Poster)
  • Kai Krajsek, Rudolf Mester, Hanno Scharr
    Statistically Optimal Averaging for Image Restoration and Optical Flow Estimation
DAGM SMI Young Talent Award 2008
  1. Maria Klodt, Universität Bonn
    Continuous Global Optimization in Multiview 3D Reconstruction
  2. Sandro Esquivel, Universität Kiel
    Calibration of a Multi-Camera Rig from Non-Overlapping Views
  3. Jan Siegemund, Universität Bonn
    Reconstruction of Trajectories of Moving Objects by using Stereo Image Sequences