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The conference venue is the Technische Universität Wien, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10, A-1040 Wien, which is a green building at Karsplatz, a major subway station in Vienna. If arriving by subway please leave the Underground station at exit "Wiedner Hauptstraße". On the Wiedner Hauptstraße, the first building you pass is the library of the TU (with a huge stone bird at its corner), the conference venue is in the building behind ("Freihaus", a huge green building). Enter the building and go to the green section of the building (Turm A) and there take the elevators or stairs to the 2nd floor, the registration and conference is in Lecture Room 5 ("Hörsaal 5") see: http://www.wegweiser.ac.at/ww5/static/plaene/pdf/E_UP.pdf. and http://www.wegweiser.ac.at/static/plaene/pdf/E_FHHS5_0035_00_1-1.pdf

How to reach Karlsplatz

The best way to travel in vienna is by public transport, see http://progs.wiennet.at/addedvalue/f4000_wienerlinien/f000_AVContent.asp?KID=221&HID=480 for details.

Vienna International Airport (VIE) is located in Schwechat, about 20 km south-east of Vienna's center, see
http://english.viennaairport.com/bbpp.html. At the airport, you can take two railway lines: - Cheap, but slow - railway line S7 (direction Floridsdorf) to the station Wien Mitte, or - expensive and 8 minutes faster - the City Airport Train also takes you to the station Wien Mitte. At Wien Mitte, take Underground U4, direction Hütteldorf, 2 stops to Karlsplatz. Alternatively, at the airport you may also take the shuttle bus (Vienna Airport Lines) to Schwedenplatz. From there take Underground U4, direction Hütteldorf, 3 stops to Karlsplatz see

Vienna has two main train stations, Westbahnhof and Südbahnhof. At Westbahnhof: Enter the Underground station Westbahnhof and take Underground U3, direction Erdberg, 5 stops to Stephansplatz, where you have to change to Underground U1, direction Reumannplatz, 1 stop to Karlsplatz. At Südbahnhof: Take tram 18 (direction "Burggasse") or O (direction "Raxstraße") from the main building of Südbahnhof to Südtiroler Platz (next stop). When coming with a train from the south, you can also leave the platform at its rear end and walk to the nearby Underground station Südtiroler Platz (near the bus stops). From Südtiroler Platz, take Underground U1, direction Kagran, 2 stops to Karlsplatz see

If you come by car, the easiest and cheapest way is to park your car somewhere near one of the Underground or railway stations at the periphery (make sure you remember where), and use public transport further on. If you want to park at the conference venue drive to "Operngasse", which is a south-bound one way street, on the left side of this street, you will find the underground car park just below the conference venue ("TU Tiefgarage" see green line in the attached plan). Take the elevator to 2nd floor and go to the green section ("Turm A") to Lecture Room 5 ("Hörsaal 5").

Like all car parking facilities in central Vienna, the underground car park below the physics and mathematics building ("TU Tiefgarage") is rather expensive (EUR 2.60 per hour, EUR 20.80 per day). It is open 24 hours a day. Please note that parking in the streets in central Vienna during daytime is restricted to residents with a special permit or short periods (you will need a ticket called a "Kurzparkschein" for this).

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Conference Dinner

Palais Strudlhof, Pasteurgasse 1, 9th district (Aug. 31st)
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Registered participants may book hotels on special congress rates. A list of hotel appears after registration.


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