The Olympus Prize

This years Olympus Prize was awarded to:

Daniel Cremers for his work on Bayesian Approaches to Image Segmentation.

This prize was sponsored by Olympus, Europe.

Dagm 2004 Best Paper Prizes

This years main prize was awarded to:

Bastian Leibe and Bernt Schiele for their contribution:
"Scale-invariant Object Categorization using a Scale-adaptive Mean Shift Search".
Sponsor: Honda Research Institute Europe

Further prizes were awarded to:

Volker Roth and Tilman Lange for their contribution:
"Adaptive Feature Selection in Image Segmetation".

Michael Felsberg and Gösta Granlund for their contribution:
"POI Detection using Channel Clustering and the 2D Energy Tensor".

Daniel Keysers, Thomas Deselaers and Hermann Ney for their contribution:
"Pixel-to-pixel Matching for Image Rocognition using Hungarian Graph Matching".