The German Association for Pattern Recognition (DAGM) and the Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition (OAGM) award prizes each year for the best scientific contributions to the DAGM and OAGM symposia. The criteria include both the originality and scientific quality of the submitted work, as well the quality of the presentation (talk or poster) during the symposium. The prize-winning contributions will be awarded a certificate, a cash prize, and will be mentioned in the proceedings of the following symposium as well as on the web site of the DAGM and the OAGM.

In addition, the Deutsche Mustererkennungspreis 2012 for outstanding contributions in the field of computer vision and pattern recognition by a young scientist will be awarded at DAGM-OAGM 2012. The Deutsche Mustererkennungspreis is sponsored by Daimler AG and carries a cash award of 5.000 Euros. Please refer to the website of the DAGM for details regarding the nomination process.