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Notification: June 12, 2017


Camera-Ready Submission


Submission Guidelines

The GCPR2017 proceedings will be published in the Springer LNCS series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Submission of camera-ready papers is possible via the CMT system from June 18 to June 26. Please note that the deadline is strict.

Please carefully take into account the reviewers’ comments when preparing the camera-ready version.

You are requested to strictly follow the Springer LNCS single-column style.

Please use the same LaTeX template as used for your submission. Make sure to appropriately replace all placeholders in the initial submission. Please also provide the author information and running title for the page headers (abbreviated if necessary). Finally, make sure to comment out the \DAGMreviewversion command to obtain a non-review version.

Each accepted paper is limited to 10 pages (plus references, max 2 pages).
Important: do not reduce the paper length e.g. by reducing vertical spaces between paragraphs or the like.

What to submit?

– a text file “contact.txt” containing the name and email address of the corresponding author.
– source (input) files: tex, bib, and figure files. Please name the main file as “mainPID.tex”, where PID has to be replaced with your paper ID.
– any non-standard style files, templates, and special fonts you may have used.
– PDF file of the final version.

Please download the copyright form, and complete and sign it. It is sufficient if one author from each contribution signs the form on behalf of all the other authors. You have to send us an electronic copy (together with the source files). It should be “digitally signed”, that is signed with a scanned version of your signature. Alternatively, you can scan a printed and signed copyright form. Please name your copyright file “copyrightPID.pdf”, where PID has to be replaced with your paper ID.

Important: Only authors employed by the EU (as an institution) need to tick that particular box. All other researchers working in a country in the European Union have no need to tick that box. Equally, the box for US Government employees should only be ticked by US Government employees.
How to submit?

Please create a ZIP file (file extension .zip) or gzipped tarball (file extension .tgz) containing all the items above and submit it through the paper submission site. You can submit more than once, in which case old versions will be overwritten. If you encounter any problems with the system, do not hesitate to contact us.

The GCPR 2017 proceedings will include all accepted papers under the condition that at least one of the authors completes a registration to the conference.